Our Mission Statement

Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman, & Bruckner, Ltd.

Is Committed to Ethical Performance of High Quality Legal Work Tailored To The Specific Needs of Each Client.

Our Standards Require Unwavering Honesty With Each Client and Undivided Loyalty To Our Clients’ Needs.

Our Vision

For over 50 years, Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman, & Bruckner, Ltd. has provided legal services consistent with our three-part Mission Statement. It provides a steady compass which guides all tasks we undertake.

Commitment to Ethical Performance

It is no coincidence that this commitment stands as the first element of our Mission Statement. It constitutes the threshold consideration for all that we do. Without this commitment, our service to our clients would be of no value. Our devotion to high ethics stands as an absolute benchmark upon which our clients may rely, without question or reservation.

High Quality Legal Work

Within this framework of professional ethics, Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman & Bruckner, Ltd. delivers high quality legal services to all of our clients. Our Attorneys offer a broad range of experience, covering multiple areas of law. They interact daily, bringing a cumulative breadth of knowledge to bear upon each client’s unique needs. We are steadfast in providing high quality legal services at a fair rate of compensation. This philosophy has allowed Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman & Bruckner, Ltd. to thrive in DuPage County for over 50 years.

Specific Needs of Each Client

We believe the final element of our Mission Statement—“specific needs of each client”—may distinguish us from other law firms. The needs of each client, from individuals, to large corporations, require careful and personal consideration. Each client offers new opportunities for us to serve. No two clients will be successfully served by the exact same approach or methods. We are particularly sensitive to these individualistic needs and tailor our services accordingly. We value greatly the numerous client relationships which have developed as a direct result of this approach.

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