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DuPage County Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers-Wheaton, Illinois

At the law firm of Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman & Bruckner, Ltd., we constantly strive to minimize conflicts and to maximize positive results for our clients, by utilizing cost-effective alternative dispute resolution techniques, to avoid the court litigation process and expense whenever possible.

With ADR (alternative dispute resolution), our attorneys have been able to represent both defendants and plaintiffs in cases involving accident and injury, insurance defense, commercial contract disputes, divorce and family law matters, as well as other complex legal issues. Through mediation and arbitration, Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman & Bruckner, Ltd. has been able to find amicable solutions with favorable outcomes.

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Certified Mediators for Your Legal Needs

It’s not always easy to resolve legal problems, especially if the desired results are not accomplished in a timely manner. The cost of litigation can cause undue stress and create more burden than you can bear. When you want to find the most amicable way to privately resolve the legal issues between you and another party, a certified mediator can provide knowledgeable counsel and look over important documentation, to ensure both parties reach an agreement that will have a satisfactory outcome. The purpose of mediation is to create a "win-win" situation.

Skilled Arbitration Attorneys Settling Disputes

Another alternative dispute resolution method that may be considered rather than going to court is arbitration.  Arbitration usually involves disputes between businesses, employees at companies, individuals or consumers. At Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman & Bruckner, Ltd. you can be confident that our arbitration attorneys will keep your best interests at heart.

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If you’re looking to resolve your legal disputes without going through litigation and would like to learn more about alternative dispute resolution strategies, our experienced attorneys can help.  Contact Peregrine, Stime, Newman, Ritzman & Bruckner, Ltd. in Wheaton, Illinois to speak with a certified mediator or arbitration attorney.   Call (630) 665-1900 to schedule your consultation today.

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